+=studio blu=+

  • Big: 1500 square feet of studio work space

  • Equipped: Two double-geared intaglio presses and a double-geared litho press 

  • Stocked: Paper, ink, tools

  • Advantages: Experience, training, skill

  • Convenient:  Downtown Seattle near Pike Place Market

+=studio blu=+ is a Seattle-based experimental workshop devoted to art on paper. The studio is situated in downtown Seattle and is steps away from the working waterfront on Puget Sound. The natural beauty of the water and mountains combined with diverse cultures and industries found in the Pacific Northwest embodies a richness of ideas and spirit; something is here generating a forceful and enlightened creative experience.

+=studio blu=+ collaborates with artists to bring their works on paper to completion. The 1500 square foot studio houses two double-geared English presses easily printing up to 24 X 34-inch plates. The lithographic press prints up to 36 x 50 inches.

This completely custom workshop has as its focus the making of experimental works of art on handmade papers.  We offer a wide range of print techniques including engraving, mezzotint, chine-colle’, aluminum plate lithography, and sosaku-hanga, a modern Japanese woodcut technique.  We assist the artist in designing a customized train of work based on individual background, experience, and objectives.

It is the goal of +=studio blu=+ to clear the obstacles the artist might encounter when working on paper or in the case of prints, the ink, the acid, and the press.  +=studio blu=+ collaborates with artists to bring their works on paper to completion. The space presents each artist with the opportunity to work experimentally in a full array of mediums and supports the practice of  a wide range of print techniques including etching, mezzotint, chine-colle’, lithography, as well as the modern Japanese woodcut technique, sosaku-hanga.

DSC00959             IMG_1154IMG_1171             IMG_1049DSC00957 - Version 2             IMG_1175

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