About Us

Welcome To studio\Blu

At studio\Blu, we are proud to call the vibrant State of Idaho home and are excited to participate in a growing region with a strong appetite for entrepreneurship, innovation, research, and development. With exciting growth comes difficult changes. studio\Blu stands on a legacy of collaboration, experience, and expertise to guide local industry through those challenges. We partner with multiple industries to train students to move real-world projects from one concept through designing, prototyping, testing, initial manufacturing, funding, and marketing. 

who we are

studio\Blu is a consortium between the Boise State’s Colleges of Engineering, Business & Economics, TechHelp, and Industry partners. The studio\Blu concept was born to expand the capabilities of all the founding entities in order to offer more and better services to a wider range of customers. 


Our mission is to develop the next generation of Idaho’s leaders in business and technology by providing manufacturing solutions for everyone. Our unique structure of students, experienced professional, and partners provides a pathway for the entrepreneurial spirit to cultivate ideas into viable businesses and facilitate economic vibrancy.

our vision

Open: studio\Blu is an organization serving a multitude of needs. It is a collaborative space where we work with not just businesses and entrepreneurs at the professional level but also students, researchers, and inventors. 

Resourceful: With a wide range of equipment, capabilities, and connections, studio\Blu is equipped to handle projects from many different angles. We are committed to finding the best way to help our clients. In the rare case that we cannot complete the job ourselves, we will point you in the right direction.

Flexible: We understand the struggles of developing a new product or concept. Our collaborators are involved during the entire process, and our projects always move at the pace of the client. Our team strives for efficient and crystal-clear communication, allowing on-the-fly changes and greater synergy. We want to work with you in all stages of your development, but we can also help with specific projects in different areas and scopes. Whether it’s individual stages of development, a specific problem, or an entire project, studio/Blue can help. 

Educational: Besides helping launch new products and companies, studio\Blu is committed to developing our main asset, our students. We provide our student employees with real-world experience working on collaborative projects to complement their education in the classroom. This work gives them a competitive edge when entering the workforce.