At studio\Blu, we are proud to call the vibrant State of Idaho home and are excited to participate in a growing region with a strong appetite for entrepreneurship, innovation, research, and development. With exciting growth comes difficult changes. studio\Blu stands on a legacy of collaboration, experience, and expertise to guide local industry through those challenges.

The studio\Blu Advantage

By joining the studio\Blu partnerships we can help you solve some of the biggest challenges manufacturers face today. Here are some of the ways we can help you with these challenges. 


studio\Blu Advantage

Limited and costly access to advanced design, prototype, and manufacturing technologies.

Provides access to advanced technologies, equipment, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Favorable fee structure.

Workforce shortages – Idaho’s workforce demand to increase 18% in 10 years. 7,600 in unfilled Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math workers (2019).

Provides a talent pipeline to Idaho industry. We partner with industry to train students to move real-world projects from concept through designing, prototyping, testing, manufacturing, and marketing. 

High costs of on-the-job training to develop an employee into a competent performer.

Can save employers from six months to four years of lost productivity. studio\Blu students graduate with 2000-3000 hours of direct work on client projects.

Progressing from innovation to monetization.

Developing talent to provide end-to-end expertise and guide the development of ideas to commercialization.

Join the partnership and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Premium access to student pipeline for potential hire: Direct interaction with student employees via project support and/or embedded student engagement.
  • Design & prototyping project support: Student employee project support at discounted rates.
  • Quarterly shared best practices seminars: Participation by industry members and third parties quarterly within the center community. 
  • Student skill endorsements: Structured programs with completion criteria, collaboratively developed and delivered by center members. Made available to Industry Partner employees at a 20% discount.
  • All traditional offerings from Idaho’s TechHelp Manufacturing Extension Center are discounted by 20%