Experiential Education

Creating Experienced New Hires

The success of our students and the development of Idaho’s future workforce are the most valuable outcomes of studio\Blu. We provide inviting collaborative learning spaces and showcase student work. Our strategy prioritizes the student experience, complementing traditional curricula with technical and professional skills to produce “Experienced New Hires.”

Our model focuses on three key areas:

1. Developing technical and professional competencies desired by the advanced manufacturing supply chain.
2. Partnering with industry to engage students in real-world projects at various development levels (“ready to learn,” “ready to lead,” “ready to embed”).
3. Implementing a vertically integrated mentorship model to educate and engage students at different stages.

Joining studio\Blu offers students real-world project experience with industry professionals, staff, research faculty, and peers. Graduates gain skills and knowledge to contribute immediately to Idaho’s advanced manufacturing, engineering, and technology companies, enjoying a competitive edge and a potential 20% increase in initial earnings over other graduates.

New Product Development Lab student employee

Aspiring Student Employees


Your Work Environment

studio\Blu fosters a growth-friendly atmosphere through its ‘bullpens’ where student employees interact, exchange ideas, and enjoy a lively environment. The space is engaging and fun, with music, creative arts videos, and laughter as students ‘learn by doing’. Program managers prioritize hiring students with a growth mindset and cultivate a low-pressure, question-friendly environment.

Mentorship at studio\Blu closely follows the traditional “Train the Trainer” model. Level 2 and 3 student employees mentor Level 1 students, guiding them in acquiring skills and technology knowledge. These student leaders teach equipment proficiency and foster professional attributes like safety awareness, attention to detail, and problem-solving. Group managers and instructors oversee their respective programs, coaching student employees in leadership, effective communication, and customer focus. Industry professionals provide guidance in embedded projects, honing competencies such as organizational savvy in real-world scenarios.

Choose Your studio\Blu Pillar


Design Pillar - design element

If you are someone who interested in working with manufactures and clients with innovative new ideas, then the Design pillarmight be for you! Help bring their ideas to live with rapid prototypes and design.


Create Pillar element

Enjoy working with your hands? Join the Create pillar! We provide a hands-on learning environment, focusing on designing for manufacturability and supporting projects in prototyping, technology validation, scale-up, automation, robotics, and more!


Launch Pillar element

Interested in market development or visual design? The Launch pillar will allow you to flex you skills in business development, graphic design, and web development!

Competencies for a Successful Career


studio\Blu surveyed over 75 manufacturing companies to identify essential professional and technical skills needed within the first two years of employment. Data were segmented by manufacturing sector, company size, and studio\Blu pillar. The resulting prioritized skills are the core focus of studio\Blu mentorship.

Each pillar (design, create, launch) has a prioritized set of 5 professional and 5 specialized competencies critical for career success. Students are employed in the pillar matching their career aspirations. 


In addition to project work and embedded opportunities, the team takes field trips to local manufacturers to learn more about design, scale-up, commercialization, and advanced technologies. During these visits, student employees will have an opportunity to network with those already in their career path, as well as hiring managers.