+=studio blu=+

continually seeking ways to expand artistic goals and to advance the appreciation of art on paper


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+=studio blu=+

  • Big: 1500 square feet of studio work space

  • Equipped: Two double-geared intaglio presses and a double-geared litho press 

  • Stocked: Paper, ink, tools

  • Advantages: Experience, training, skill

  • Convenient:  Downtown Seattle near Pike Place Market

+=studio blu=+ is a Seattle-based experimental workshop devoted to art on paper. The studio is located in downtown Seattle near Pike Place Market. +=studio blu=+ collaborates with artists to bring their works on paper to completion. The 1500 square foot studio houses two double-geared English presses easily printing up to 24 X 34-inch plates. The lithographic press prints up to 36 x 50 inches.

This completely custom workshop has as its focus the making of experimental works of art on handmade papers.  We offer a wide range of print techniques including engraving, mezzotint, chine-colle’, aluminum plate lithography, and sosaku-hanga, a modern Japanese woodcut technique.  We assist the artist in designing a customized train of work based on individual background, experience, and objectives.



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